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Many years of the isolation and bed traffic connections are some of the reasons for the anonymity and lack of interest for Vis as a tourist destination.

In 1989 when finally foreign citizens have been allowed to come to Vis, the island experienced real efflorescence.

Today the island of Vis with preserved natural resources has good foundation for future tourist possibilities.

Clean and beautiful sea, numerous bays, gravely and sandy beaches, small, hidden, hard to reach coves are the best picture of Vis.

Preserving all the beauty these places are the real peaceful oasis and the most valuable treasure of this island.


Numerous restaurants from the fancy ones to old traditional wine-cellars in very centre of Vis or in the wonderful coves will inspire you either with delicious, local food or fulfilling atmosphere. If you choose some of the country house-holds in the inland of the island you won’t be disappointed. Domestic, ecological food and hospitality of your hosts will remain forever in your memory.

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The island of Vis is rich in history and lots of monuments from ancient time till present-days are the witnesses of the past. You can choose among ruins of the ancient town, roman thermae, Hellenic necropolis, many renaissance villas, churches, and the Marshal Tito’s cave-shelter from the Second Word War. 


During the summer, famous natural phenomenon, the Blue Cave on little island of Biševo attracts visitors from all over the world. The Green Cave on island of Ravnik and the Queen’s Cave on Vis are still pretty undiscovered natural beauties waiting to be seen and explored.


For those who want to spend active vacation there are numerous possibilities, sports activities and lots of excursions.


During the summer you can attend many events of the Cultural Summer: concerts of various kinds of music: jazz, classical, rock or pop music, plays performed by local theatre assembly or some guest performances, or you can enjoy listening to Dalmatian a cappella songs sung by “klapa”.

The concerts, plays and performances are mostly held out door, in small squares, in the court of old fortress known as Batarija or in front of the small bars near sea.


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